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Basic Crude Oil Economics is a four hour course to help YOU understand the factors involved which determine the price of crude oil. 

If you ever wondered how the price of oil is determined or wanted to better understand the boom/bust cycles we experience in this industry, this class will answer your questions.  The majority of the people living in the Permian Basin rely on a healthy oil industry to support their families, businesses, schools, and communities.   Amazingly, these same people simply rely on the opinion of the news media or the daily price of oil help them make important financial decisions. Those completing Basic Crude Oil Economics will understand how the price is determined, how simple things we see in the news, and how information we can access on-line affect the current and future price of oil.

A portion of this training discusses the availability and value of energy data and provides links to websites to allow individuals to access and evaluate not only the "pulse" but also the "wellness" of the Oil and Gas Industry. 

As an example, the last down cycle we experienced was easy to see coming in early 2014, if you knew where to look.  Several area businessmen sold their oilfield service companies during mid-2014 when the oilfield was still booming.  They received premium prices for businesses that would soon be struggling as little as six months later.  A basic understanding of crude oil economics created an opportunity for these business owners.  Fast forward two years to 2016.  These same businessmen began reinvesting in oilfield service companies for the up cycle we are currently enjoying.  Understanding Basic Crude Oil Economics can be worth millions of dollars to those working in the oil industry!

If your interests are connected to the success of the oilfield, this class is for YOU.

This course is taught by an experienced industry professional with questions encouraged throughout the class.

For more information please contact:
Director of Oil and Gas Technology
5317 N Lovington Hwy
Hobbs, NM 88240

Class Cost:  $80

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