New Mexico Junior College




These are the main phone numbers for New Mexico Junior College. 

The college is open Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.  Phone calls will be answered during these hours, unless otherwise noted.

The directory for faculty and staff is listed here.


Main Number 575-392-4510
Athletics 575-492-2740
Bookstore 575-392-5392
Business Office (accounts receivable & payable) 575-492-2772
Canvas Help Desk (24-Hour Help) 575-399-2199
Cosmetology - Spa Services 575-492-2848
Counseling Office 575-492-2577
Enrollment/Registration 575-492-2577
Facility Rentals 575-492-4717
Financial Aid 575-392-5172
Food Service 575-492-2586
Housing (24-Hour Help) 575-399-4681
Human Resources 575-492-2793
KNMJ Radio 575-492-2733
Library 575-492-2870
Public Relations 575-492-2781
Security - Campus (24-Hour Help) 575-399-2033        
Training and Outreach 575-492-4710
Western Heritage Museum (open Tuesday - Sunday) 575-492-2678