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December 2017: In the spring of 2012, the college first conducted the Noel Levitz College Employee Satisfaction Survey. Results of that survey were presented to the NMJC Board at their regular meeting on July 19, 2012. The survey provides information on attitudes and views of current NMJC faculty and staff and compares those results against survey results from a national cohort of colleges. The college updated the survey in October 2017 and results of the survey were presented to the NMJC Board on December 21, 2017. Results from both surveys are available here:


August 2014: The New Mexico Higher Education Department (HED) has established a number of objectives for NM community colleges and four-year institutions. In the summer of 2014, HED staff requested an institution-by-institution report of organizational efforts to meet HED objectives. In August, 2014, NMJC responded to the HED request with the following report: New Mexico Junior College - response to HED request for information August 2014 . During the coming months, NMJC staff will be working to build these HED-identified objectives into regular annual reporting that is presented to the NMJC Board and staff.

August 2013: The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) is an important research instrument used by the college to evaluate student/faculty engagement and academic activities. Hundreds of colleges nationallly participate in the study and NMJC results are compared to other colleges helping to give NMJC academic leaders information about how and where we are performing well and where we need to improve. Following are three of the top-level overview reports recently published for NMJC:


April 29, 2010: Online courses are an important part of the NMJC education offering and account for over 30% of the student credit hours earned each semester. Recently the college administered a Noel Levitz survey of online learners for the purpose of determining student satisfaction with NMJC online courses and student support. This survey the NMJC 2010 Noel Levitz Survey of Online Students evaluates student satisfaction on 26 separate measures and then compares NMJC student responses to responses received from other schools across the nation.

March 1, 2010: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has prepared a new enrollment report NMJC Enrollment Report 2005 - 2010. The report will be presented to the NMJC Board at their March meeting.

Planning briefings for the NMJC Board. These reports contain enrollment data, program activity, details on area economics, population and other institutional/environmental data to help inform Board members about issues and opportunities facing the college. The reports are presented annually in April to the Board as part of the annual budget workshop sessions:


Each community college in the state is required to report annually on a common set of performance based indicators including items such as enrollment and retention. Information from these reports is then compiled into an annual report from the NMICC that is presented to New Mexico legislators and staff of the New Mexico Higher Education Department.


The New Mexico Higher Education Department periodically conducts data verification audits of college record systems and various campus services. NMJC's most recent data verification visit took place in May/June 2009. A copy of the HED report is available here: New Mexico Junior College - 2009 Data Verification Report

Noel Levitz Surveys

NMJC regularly uses surveys and evaluation tools to track issues such as student satisfaction and faculty/student engagement. Every three years, NMJC conducts the Noel Levitz Survey of Student Satisfaction: Information from this survey informs the college of student priorities, college performance in meeting those priorities, comparison of college services against those of other institutions, and creates important information concerning whether or not the college is making strides in efforts to improve services over time. The most recent survey was recently concluded in February 2012.


IPEDS Reporting


NMJC annually participates in data collection by the Intergrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) which is a project of the U.S. Department of Education. This system offers participating institutions a wide variety of information reporting as well as the ability to evaluate institution operations and outcomes against other institutions across the United States. Each year the IPEDS system automatically generates a "data feedback report" which compares the submitting institution, in this case NMJC, with a cohort of similar schools around the country. Here are the most current comparison reports for NMJC and the IPEDS selected cohort:


NMJC Assessment of Student Learning


NMJC, like all colleges in New Mexico, is required to submit an annual report evaluating student learning outcomes in general education courses. These reports are submitted annually to the NM Higher Education Department.


Faculty Support and Training: At the beginning of the Fall 2009 Semester NMJC faculty and academic leadership met to review plans and deadlines for assessment activities. Dr. John Gratton, Vice President for Instruction gave a presentation outlining general prinicples and activities in the NMJC assessment system: NMJC Assessment Process - Faculty In-service Fall 2009.In addition, Charlotte Schmitz, faculty member and Chair of the Student Leanring Outcomes Assessment Committee gave faulty members an update on assessment plans for 2009/10: Student Learning Outcomes Assessment - Fall 2009

NMJC Accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission

<NEW July 2011> NMJC Changing from PEAQ to PATHWAYS

NMJC is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Universities and Colleges. Accreditation is awared in ten year cycles and NMJC's most recent accreditation review and extension was in 2005. The process involves development of an institutional self-study which is presented to the Higher Learning Commission. The Commission then sends a peer review team to the campus to conduct on-site review of documents and todoncut in-depth interviews with faculty, staff and community leaders.

The college accreditation currently runs through the year 2015.

The Higher Learning Commission is changing their core accreditation process, Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality (PEAQ), beginning next year. The new process, PATHWAYS, will place a greater emphasis on continuing quality improvement and more frequent reporting of key data. NMJC will transition to PATHWAYS beginning in Fall 2011.

The NMJC Board received an update on accreditation at their July 12, 2011 meeting: PATHWAYS Slide Presentation

NMJC Self Study Documents and Reports:


The 2005 HLC Report requested that NMJC file a Progress Report on Assessment of Student Learning in January 2009. A copy of that report is available here: NMJC Assessment Progress Report January 2009. In January 2009 the Higher Learning Commission acknowledged the Progress Report and confirmed that the college is making satisfactory prorgress in assessment of student learning. A copy of their January letter is available here: Higher Learning Commission - January 2009 Letter

In 2008 NMJC applied to the Higher Learning Commission for accreditation of online degrees. A copy of the application for accreditation may be accessed here:NMJC Request for Change Dec 2008. In April 2009 the Higher Learning Commission extended NMJC's accreditation to include all online degrees offered through the college. Here is their letter approving NMJC's application to offer online degrees: HLC Accreditation of NMJC Online Degrees

In February 2009, NMJC received formal approval from the Higher Learning Commission to offer all college degrees (AA, AS and AAS) in a fully online environment.

Prior Reports


Fall 2005 Entering Student Survey Results

Fall 2005 Entering Student Survey Open End Responses

Fall 2005 Entering Student Survey Charts

Fall 2004 Entering Student Survey Results

Spring 2005 Student Learning Survey

Spring 2005 Student Learning Survey Open End Responsese. The 2005 Student Learning Survey was created and administered by Dr. Patrick Prindle's Social Psychology Class in Spring 2005.

2005 Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory

2004-2005 Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Faculty Survey

2004 Market Analysis of New Mexico Junior College

Performance Based Indicator Strategic Plan Progress Report for 2003-04

2003-2004 Graduate Survey Results

Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE)

CCFSSE 2004 Student and Faculty Comparison Report - NMJC

CCFSSE 2004 Student and Faculty Comparison Report -All Institutions


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