New Mexico Junior College




For all other proctoring services, please read the following guideline and rules for using NMJC Testing Center as a proctor.

1. Appointments are required. Please set up an appointment one week prior to the exam at and select "other proctor". Our online appointment system will not let you schedule without a one week notice. Proctoring for other agencies is scheduled Monday-Friday 8 am to 2 pm. All special requirements (special programs for testing, webcam, headset, microphone etc.) need to be disclosed before we proctor. Failure to disclose any special requirements may result in not being able to proctor the exam. The link on above to schedule is down. Please call us at (575)492-2591 to shcedule an appointment.

2. Set your appointment early enough to complete the exam and have it returned (mailed) to your institution/agency within the deadline. Note: If you wait until the last minute to set your testing appointment, we may not have an opening that works with your testing deadline.

3. Please cancel your appointment if you cannot keep it. Not doing so may result in this agreement being terminated.

4. Testing will not be given on Saturday’s.

5. Appointment days and times may change each term. Please contact the testing center for term hours. All appointments must be scheduled before 3pm.

6. There will be no testing during our NMJC finals weeks December, 7th- 8th, 2021.

7. Return envelopes, postage and other exam fees are the responsibility of the tester unless otherwise indicated by the sending institution or agency. Please put the address of the institution in which the exam will be sent to, but do not put your address on the envelope. The tester is also responsible for calling and making sure their test has arrived from their institution.

A $25 testing fee will be charged per exam (If you are a graduate of NMJC, please talk with us about the fee). Please pay the cashier before testing; then bring the receipt to your test appointment. This does not include any test retakes. Any retakes must be paid separately. Your photo ID is required to test.