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Oxford English Dictionary - This is the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. It is only accessible from within Pannell Library and certain selected sites around the NMJC campus. If you want to find OED's definition of a word or phrase, enter it in the box at the top right of each page, labeled Find Word. Alternatively, full-text searching of all OED's definitions, etymologies, and quotations is available through the Search function at the bottom left of each page. The OED online contains all the best features of the printed version with the advantage of weighing absolutely nothing at all!

Encyclopedias - The Pannell Library's Encyclopedias page has an annotated list of general and special subject encyclopedias and links to their websites.

Style Manuals - If you ever need to properly credit the reference to a work you have quoted in your writing, you will need to use a style manual. Here are some pages that will help you give "credit where credit is due". Practically all of these sites contain guides to each of the four styles. If you find one that is clearer than the other, by all means, stick with it.

Government Resources - The Pannell Library is a Government Documents Repository. Thousands of government documents are available in print in the library, online, and through the library catalog.

Legal Research Sites - Legal research provided by organizations outside of NMJC