Calculate My GPA

How to Calculate Your Grade Point Average

Point Values of Grades

Each grade of A through F is worth a certain amount of grade points.

A = 4 points

B = 3 points

C = 2 points

D = 1 point

F = 0 points

Grades of "W" are not used in the calculation of the grade point average.  Other grades not used include P, S, U, CR, and transfer grades -- TA, TB, TC, TD.  Also, most courses that have been repeated will not have their lower grades included in the GPA calculation.

Calculating Your GPA

  1. Multiply the number of credit hours by the point value of the grade earned for each course.  (The third digit of the NMJC course number shows the number of credit hours for the course.  For example:  HI 113 is 3 credit hours and CH 114A is 4 credit hours.)
  2. Add up the points obtained in #1 for your total grade points.
  3. Add up the total number of credit hours for all courses with grades of A, B, C, D, or F.
  4. Divide the number obtained in #2 by the number obtained in #3 for your GPA.

For example, assume a student completed six courses as follows:

Course Grade GPA hrs. Points
BI 124 A   4 hrs. x 4 pts. = 16 pts.
EN 113 C   3 hrs. x 2 pts. =   6 pts.
PS 113 B   3 hrs. x 3 pts. =   9 pts.
PY 131A F   1 hr. x 0 pts. =   0 pts.
HI 113A W   0 hrs. x 0 pts.     (Exclude hours on a course with grade of "W") =   0 pts.
BU 113 D   3 hrs. x 1 pt. =   3 pts.
    14 GPA hrs.    34 pts.


Divide 34 pts. by 14 GPA hrs., which yields 2.4285....., then round to the nearest hundredth.  The GPA is 2.43.


Remember:  Grade Points divided by Credit Hours = GPA