New Mexico Junior College


Basic Police Officer Training Academy

SMALLSoutheastern New Mexico

           Law Enforcement Academy


       Basic Police Officer Training


              BPOT #A-21-46 will be held from August 9th, 2021 through December 3rd, 2021.

                        Completed packets must be received in our office no later than July 5th, 2021. 



  BPOT #A-21-46 Registration Form

  BPOT #A-21-46 Packet

  Welcome Letter

 Entrance Requirements

 BPOT Academy Cost

 Course Descriptions

 Physical Fitness Standards

 Academy Dress     


 Academy Rules and     




elliot          WE DO NOT QUIT!



BPOT A-19-43 Class Video: courtesy of Luis Gomez, Entertainment and Music Tech