New Mexico Junior College


Frequently Asked Questions

What is HSE?
HSE means, High School Equivalency, commonly referred to as the GED®. There are two tests approved by the state of New Mexico:
     GED® (computer test only) 
     HiSET® (pencil and paper test only).
Both test are equally recognized for employment and/or college entrance.

You may take the test if:
1. If you did not complete high school.
2.You are at least 16 years of age, An Underage Permission Form is required for 16 or 17 year old.   
3.You have a government-issued photo identification: valid Driver's License, Passport, or State ID.

How much does the HSE cost?
GED® Computer Test: $20.00 for each of 4 subtests or $80.00 for the battery (all tests)
HiSET® Paper and Pencil Test: $15.00 for each of 5 subtests or $50.00 for the battery (all tests) .

I want to take my HSE Test, how do I go about it?
See Steps in Taking the HSE Test.

What is Passing?
GED® (computer) 145 or above on each of 4 tests or a total score of 580.
HiSET® (pencil and paper) 8 or above on each test and a 2 or above on the essay for a total score of 45 points.

Can I retest?
Yes, however, you only have to re-take the subject tests you did not pass. 
     GED® (computer), you may re-take any subject test in which you scored less than a 145. 
     HiSET® (paper and pencil), you may re-take any subject test in which you scored less than an 8 or if you scored less than a 2 on the essay.

When will I receive my test results?
     GED® (computer) usually within 24 hours of testing
     HiSET® (pencil and paper) approximately 8 to 10 days after taking the test.

Will I be able to participate in a graduation ceremony?
     Yes! When you have passed all parts of your  HiSET® or GED® test, you may participate in the NMJC graduation ceremony!

Where can I get my HSE certificate/transcripts?
     All HSE certificates/transcripts may be obtain through