History of Foundation

Why was the New Mexico Junior College Foundation formed?

The New Mexico Junior College Foundation, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, was formed in 1969 to promote and encourage academic, technical, and vocational programs at NMJC. From the beginning, the Foundation has been guided by dedicated community leaders serving as the Board of Directors and has established clearly defined goals:

  • To give deserving students the opportunity to advance their education by providing financial assistance and scholarships.
  • To solicit funds for educational and benevolent purposes and to use the funds to promote New Mexico Junior College.
  • To encourage the expansion of facilities at the college through grants and endowments.


How does the Foundation help New Mexico Junior College and Lea County?

The Foundation seeks to continually increase endowed funds by seeking investments from:

  • The Board of Directors
  • NMJC Faculty and Staff
  • Business and Industry
  • Private and Public Foundations
  • Lea County Residents


All assets of the Foundation are invested in a prudent and responsible manner and earnings are reinvested and used to fund selected projects of the College.

The Foundation is a "friend-raiser" as well as a "fund-raiser" for New Mexico Junior College.

The Foundation supports the primary mission of the college by promoting academic excellence.

What has the New Mexico Junior College Foundation accomplished in the last five years?


Assets as of June 30, 2016 were over $7.5 million.

More than $2.795 million in earnings has been spent to assist students and college faculty through:

  • Scholarships
  • Student workstudy programs
  • Program assistance


The Foundation has also participated in an annual program to recognize outstanding NMJC faculty and staff and to reward them for their service.

Why are we asking you to make an investment in the college?


  • Each year the needs and requests for funding far exceed the money available.
  • New Mexico Junior College "rides the roller coaster" of oil and gas income fluctuations.
  • Increasing the Foundation endowment fund can provide a more stable source of income and ensure that deserving students and faculty will continue to receive assistance.
  • Increased earnings will provide for new scholarships for students, cutting edge equipment for the classroom, a student activities fund, and continued funds for faculty development.


Why is NOW the best time to make an investment in New Mexico Junior College?


  • NMJC is the most affordable college in New Mexico.
  • Your contribution is an investment in the future of Lea County. When you help build the endowment fund, you are ensuring the future for coming generations of Lea County students.
  • NOW is the best time to make an investment that will not only continue to grow but will change lives!
  • To make a donation, you can download a donation form here.