FAFSA Information


Free Application for Federal Student Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the most important document you will need when seeking federal student aid. A current FAFSA must be on file with the Office of Financial Aid for any type of federal or state student aid including work-study and loans.

This is a free application and it is based on financial need. You can file your FAFSA online.

To be considered for financial aid at NMJC, you must list New Mexico Junior College as a school of interest. NMJC’s school code is 002655.

Once your FAFSA is received at NMJC from the federal processor, your application will be evaluated, and you will be sent an award offer if you are eligible for federal, state, or institutional aid. Additional documents may be required to complete your application. You may track what documents are needed through your NMJC T-Bird WebPortal.

Information about the FAFSA
The FAFSA is available online.
The FAFSA is a free application.
You must complete a new FAFSA every academic year.
Documents you will need to complete the FAFSA
You and your parents’ tax returns (if you are a dependent student);
You and your parents’ W2 forms (if you are a dependent student);
Records of untaxed income;
Current bank statements;
Mortgage information;
Business or farm records;
Records of stocks, bonds and other investments; and
Social security benefits, retirement and other documents.

Don’t forget to sign your FAFSA. If you are required to provide your parents’ tax information, one of your parents must also sign your FAFSA. This can be done online by using your FSA ID. Both you and a parent will need an FSA ID.