Strategic Plan and Progress Reports

Strategic Plan and Progress Reports



Approved NMJC Strategic Plans: 

Approved NMJC Strategic Plan 2017-2022
Approved NMJC Strategic Plan 2010-2016


Strategic Plan Update - 2009/2010


The NMJC Strategic Plan is scheduled to be updated. Currently work is underway to update the plan for presentation to the NMJC Board in November 2009. The new plan will be for the period 2010-2015. The planning process involves input from all NMJC stakeholders including faculty, staff, community members, state agencies, and the elected NMJC Board members. Updates on the process and announcements of public meetings will be posted on this site.

  • July- August 2009 Update - the preliminary list of planning activities and proposed timetable was presented to the NMJC Board at their July meeting. Currently meetings with campus department heads and division managers are underway. These meetings are part of the internal scanning of accomplishments,opportunities and issues. Larger scale meetings with internal and external stakeholders will begin in September.
  • Fall 2009 - Faculty and staff were invited to participate in the planning process. All faculty and staff will be invited to submit comments via e-mail and through participation in open forums. Notes from the in-service presentation are here: Strategic Planning - Fall 2009 In-service Meeting Notes
  • September 2009 - Meeting Dates Set: On November 3 and 4, 2009 the NMJC Board will be holding open meetings with community groups and stakeholders. The purpose of the meetings will be to gather input from the community concerning NMJC activities and opportunities. These meetings will be by invitation and will include representatives of a wide range of groups including the K-12 educators, area legislators, area city leaders, business people and members of civic organizations. Current plans call for one or more open meetings on campus prior to November 3/4 - students, faculty and staff will have an opportunity as indivdiuals to present their issues and ideas at these meetings. The campus community will be notified by e-mail and on the NMJC website as to the date and time of these open campus sessions.
  • October Update: Strategic Planning Update - October 12, 2009
  • October 2009 - NMJC faculty and staff members were invited to participate in an online survey of their views concernings NMJC's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Following is the report of the results of the survey. This report contains a general summary of the results along with all verbatim responses received from faculty, professional staff, support staff and adjunct faculty. All responses are anonymous and are presented without any edits or changes. 2009 Faculty and Staff Online Survey Report
  • On December 19, 2009 the NMJC Board approved the final draft of the 2010-2016 NMJC Strategic Plan.


Approved NMJC Master Plan:


NMJC Master Plan 2005
NMJC Master Plan 2019