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Assessment of Student Learning at NMJC

Assessment of Student Learning Guide - Fall 2018

Institutional Level Student Learning Outcomes

New Mexico Junior College’s institutional student learning outcomes represent the knowledge and abilities developed by students attending New Mexico Junior College.  Upon completion students should achieve the following learning outcomes along with specific curriculum outcomes for respective areas of study:


  • Comprehend information to summarize, analyze, evaluate, and apply to a specific situation.
  • Communicate in an accurate, correct, and understandable manner.


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Define a problem and arrive at a logical solution.
  • Use appropriate technology and information systems to collect, analyze, and organize information.
  • Apply critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving to data.


Self and Community

  • Analyze and reflect on the ethical dimensions of legal, social, and / or scientific issues.
  • Communicate an awareness of a variety of perspectives of ethical issues.
  • Interact with individuals and within groups with integrity and awareness of others’ opinions, feelings and values.


General Information:


Published Reports:

 Reports of Student Learning (internal reporting).


NMJC files annual reports with the NM Higher Education Department concerning student learning in general education courses.


The Higher Learning Commission

NMJC is accrediated by the Higher Learning Commission ( based in Chicago, Illinois. Assessment of student learning is part of the accreditation process outlined by the Commission. In support of this requirement, the Commission has published two specific documents outlining Commission policies on assessment:

Higher Learning Commission Statement on Assessment 2003

Higher Learning Commission Statement on Student Learning 2007

NMJC submitted the following report to the Higher Learning Commission in January 2009:

  • NMJC Assessment Progress Report January 2009