New Mexico Junior College


Luke Brister

Luke Brister

Lucius Brister

Professor of Accounting/Business


(575) 492-2657

Office Hours:

Due to COVID-19, this semester I will not have designated office hours.  However, I can still be available to you and welcome the opportunity.  We'll just need to do so in one of the following ways:  1) meet in my office or possibly outside on campus face to face with proper distance and masks, 2) meet online through one of several avenues, or 3) we can simply talk on the phone.  Please contact me through NMJC email, Canvas Inbox, or my office phone to make an appointment.  If you call my office phone, please leave a message and number where I can reach you. 


CM Burke University Center Room 231


A.A., Southwest Mississippi Community College (1994)

B.S.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi (1997)

M.P.A., Mississippi State University (2007)