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Licensed Practical Nursing

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NMJC Licensed Practical Nurse Certificate Option

New Mexico Board of Nursing has granted approval for NMJC to offer an LPN Certificate upon completion of Level 3 (third semester) of the NMNEC curriculum and one additional course, NU212 Professional Issues in PN Practice, taken concurrently. Students may then apply to state boards of nursing to take the NCLEX-PN with multi-state privilege.

This option allows students to either step out of the program after Level 3 and work as an LPN, or continue on in the program to complete Level 4 and the ADN (RN) degree plan while working as an LPN. Advantages include the experience of taking the NCLEX-PN and the opportunity to be employed at a livable wage and gaining nursing experience while completing the ADN (RN) degree plan.

LPNs are the frontline of nursing, interacting directly with patients on a daily basis, and providing basic bedside care. They maintain patient records, measure vital signs, administer and monitor medication, assist doctors and nurses with tests and procedures, and offer other basic needs for the comfort of the patient. LPNs have several possibilities on where to work, including hospitals, physician’s offices, nursing facilities, home health care services and much more.

How to Apply

  • Interested students should complete NMJC ADN (RN) Program Admission Requirements and Application Packet and submit all required documents to the Nursing Department Office in the Allied Health Building by the May 20th deadline.
  • There is an additional $105.00 ATI testing package (to be paid in Level 3) associated with the LPN option. Please see the NMJC Nursing Student Estimate of Costs.
  • All NMJC nursing students who wish to become an LPN must meet the certification coursework and pass the NCLEX exam (National Council Licensure Examination). Please see the LPN option certificate plan