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Discover Steampunk


February 1-June 5, 2022

Discover Steampunk: A Fantastical Hands-On Adventure is a creation of Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., utilizing Bruce Rosenbaum’s sculptures in educational partnership with The Franklin Institute.

Steampunk is a movement and an aesthetic inspired by the Victorian ideals of industry and steam power. Often featuring retro-futuristic inventions, it has become a form of artistic expression and an educational tool that teaches ingenuity, collaboration, and self-reliance. Discover Steampunk: A Fantastical Hands-On Adventure comes directly out of this movement to bring STEAM education to museums and science centers around the world.

Steampunk is explored and explained through the central sculptures of artist Bruce Rosenbaum and other works of art and Steampunk-inspired exhibitry. The exhibition takes visitors on a re-imagined journey, where they can learn about the convergence of Science, Art, Technology, and History.

Each gallery features interactive areas with learning opportunities related to each featured visionary. These interactives work both for groups and individuals, and feature high levels of STEAM content, interactivity, and historic artifacts on loan from The Franklin Institute.

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