Student Outreach, Advancement, and Resources (SOAR)


Joshua Spivey

Director of Student, Outreach, Advancement, Resources                                                                  Caster Annex Office #144                                      (575) 492-2737                                            

Dereka Addis

Student Resource Coordinator                          Caster Annex Office #146A                                      (575) 492-2734                                            



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New Mexico Junior College’s (NMJC) Department of Student Outreach, Advancement, and Resources (SOAR) is a safe space for students that have encountered academic and non-academic barriers. Academic barriers may be considered, low grade, low participation, text-anxiety, etc. Non-academic barriers may be considered homelessness, lack of childcare services, food insecurity, etc. We provide various supports to assist overcoming those barriers through tutoring, workshops, and meeting with our helpful staff. Please let us know if you need anything, call us 575-494-2737 or email us 


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