New Mexico Junior College


Student Release of Information

By completing this form, I give consent to New Mexico Junior College to release records and other information covered by the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) .  I understand that by electronically signing this form, my records and financial information can be released without my knowledge to the individuals listed below.
The person(s) listed below have access to records & information maintained by the offices listed below:*
-Office of the Registrar-Academic Transcripts, Enrollment Certificates
-Dean of Students-(FERPA) Authorized Disciplinary Information
-Special Needs Services Office
-Student Financial Information
-Housing Office-Account & Assignment Information
-Admissions-Admission Status, Documents Related to Admission, Residency Status of New Student.
-Academic Advising-Information Related to Advising Sessions, Progress Toward a Degree Course.
-Financial Aid Office-The Status of my Financial Aid File
-Financial Aid Office-My Financial Aid Awards
-Financial Aid Office-All documentation in my file