New Mexico Junior College


 Steven Blandin

Steven Blandin

Director of Instructional Technology
CM Burke University Center Room 224
(575) 492-2648



Lea County Distance Education Consortium (LCDEC) is dedicated to its' mission of extending distance learning opportunities to the communities in and around Lea County, New Mexico.

Main ITV Room

BUC240 (Front) - Main ITV Room

Main ITV Room

BUC240 (Back) - Main ITV Room

Computer Information Systems Room

BUC237 - Computer Information Systems Room

Accounting Room

BUC248 - Accounting Room

Business Management Room

BUC218 - Business Management Room

Members of the LCDEC continue to deliver valuable opportunities for educational advancement and training to students, teachers, and the public throughout the Southeastern portion of New Mexico. Today the LCDEC offers many distance learning courses for high school, post-graduate, and graduate degree programs primarily through the use of ITV (Instructional Television) video conferencing as well as other distance learning technologies such as web-based instructional systems.