Trash Pick-Up Huge Success

Trash Pick-Up photo

November 13 — Hobbs, NM. The United Way Trash Pick-Up started approximately 15 years ago at NMJC, and has become a yearly event ever since. Once a year, NMJC cleans the trash on both sides of the Lovington Highway from Millen Drive to Joe Harvey Boulevard. Only a few students usually participate in this event, but this year, students flocked to the cause, making this the largest pick-up ever.

The Cosmetology department yielded three students, Erica Torres, Shelby Thompson, and Margarita Benavadies, who helped this year. Thompson said, “Doing this made me feel good knowing that I was a part of it.” Torres even brought her 4-year-old son to join in the cleaning.

Another group that provided a considerable amount of students was Phi Theta Lambda (The Business Club). Robert Guthrie, advisor for the club, said, “Our focus is to network within the business community to do some fun things, fund raising, and civic things. The trash pick-up is very important to us, because it is a reflection of the college.”

The largest percentage of help came from the basketball team. Every single player devoted time to this event. “I think that it’s important to let the community know that we’re here and we care about them,” said George Sizzers, member of the basketball team. Anthony Harley said he thought the event was important, because this is where we live, and we should keep it clean.

It looks as though Hobbs is starting to grow rapidly, and with that growth comes the obligation to make sure the towns appearance is not marred by expansion. Judging by the huge number of people that participated in this year’s trash pick up, they understand this well.

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