NMJC Commencement Ceremony Honors Graduates

May 16 – Hobbs, NM. Lea County Event Center in Hobbs was the site of pomp and ceremony mixed with splashes of color and laughter on the evening of Friday, May 12, when 215 students officially graduated from New Mexico Junior College with various degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Sixteen GED recipients graduated from the Adult Basic Education program as well.

The event began with the processional led by students from the federally funded TRiO program bearing flags representing the 42 states and 12 countries/territories that make up NMJC’s student body.

The ceremony, which aired live on U.S. Cable Channel 19 in Hobbs, attracted approximately 1300 family members and friends to the Event Center. Instrumental music was provided by Dr. Yau-Sun Wong and the NMJC College and Community Band, with the NMJC Sensations, led by Ronnie Gray, singing a medley of songs. Both Wong and Gray are professors of music at the college.

The commencement exercise honored students graduating with associate degrees in arts, applied science, and science, as well as certification students and GED recipients.

Students receiving the Associate of Arts degree are as follows (* denotes Honor Graduate):

Adolfo Avila Acosta, Andrews, TX; Amanda Nicole Allen, Hobbs, NM; *Yvette Raquel Alvarado, Lovington, NM; Angela Marie Baccari, Seminole, TX; *Angela D. Baeza, Hobbs, NM; *Carol A. Barrett, Hobbs, NM; Vanessa Marie Barriga, Tatum, NM; Daniel Paul Barringer, Hobbs, NM; Ashley Judith Beauchamp, Lovington, NM; Mladen Begojevic, Ruma, Serbia; Edward Henry Bolton, Hobbs, NM; Christina Renee’ Braswell, Hobbs, NM; Jonna A.M. Braswell, Hobbs, NM; Clara L. Breckon, Hobbs, NM; *Caleb Aaron Brian, Hobbs, NM; Rebekah Lea Britton, Hobbs, NM; *Lisa Rene’ Brooker, Artesia, NM; Nancy Jo Brooks, Seminole, TX; Bethany June Brown, Lovington, NM; Sylvia L. Cantu, Hobbs, NM; Mario Carrasco, Lovington, NM; Sonia Carrasco, Eunice, NM; Cristina T. Castillo, Hobbs, NM; *Ashley Nicole Conder, Hobbs, NM; Valerie Patricia Corral, Lovington, NM; Bridget Leigh Cress, Hobbs, NM; *Mary Ellen Davey, Hobbs, NM; Amy Faye Downey, Hobbs, NM; Christopher David Duran, Hobbs, NM; Alisa Victoria Ebell, Folsom, NM; *Betty May Fisher, Hobbs, NM; Brian Daniel Flores, Carlsbad, NM; Ana Ruth Franco, Lovington, NM; *Victoria C. Fuentez, Lovington, NM; Michael R. Gadbury, Hobbs, NM; *Amanda Nicole Garcia, Hobbs, NM; Glenda S. Garcia, Hobbs, NM; Rosa M. Garcia, Hobbs, NM; *Lacee Dawn Gardner, Eunice, NM; Jonathan Lee Gibbs, Hobbs, NM; Erica Maria Gomez, Hobbs, NM; Michael Patrick Gosse, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia; *Christie L. Gressett, Hobbs, NM; Linda D. Hall, Hobbs, NM; Marla Lynn Hiebert, Carlsbad, NM; Meagan Marie Hines, Albuquerque, NM; Rachael W. Huck, Hobbs, NM; Sara D. Inman, Hobbs, NM; Eunice Jepkogei, San Diego, CA; Dolores Jimenez, Hobbs, NM; *Stephen T. Klassen, Seminole, TX; Sara Morgan Lack, Hobbs, NM; *Denise Renae Lemery, Hobbs, NM; Jorge Lozoya, Lovington, NM; Jesse I. Marin, Hobbs, NM; Kendra Kay Maxwell, Hobbs, NM; Wendy L. Mendoza, Hobbs, NM; Maria I. Meza, Jal, NM; Nathan Robert Miles, Hobbs, NM; Rebecca Anne Miles, Arundel, Australia; Joshua Allen Miller, Seminole, TX; Connie Molinar, Hobbs, NM; Derek Lane Morrow, Hobbs, NM; Larry Erik Munoz, Hobbs, NM; ChanTal Kathleen NeSmith, Lovington, NM; *Marie Neudorf, Seminole, TX; Clint Michael Northcutt, Hobbs, NM; Valerie A. Onsurez, Loving, NM; Kashain Sandre Page, Jamaica, West Indies; Gabrielle D. Payne, Lovington, NM; *Noel Ponce, Hobbs, NM; Chanley J. Price, Tatum, NM; Nicole Diane Queen, Hobbs, NM; Nancy Lizett Ramirez, Hobbs, NM; Morgan Janece Reaves, Lovington, NM; *David Gabriel Reyes, Denver City, TX; Isaac Eaton Rincon, Riverside, CA; Francisa Araceli Robledo, Hobbs, NM; Jacob Eli Rogers, Lovington, NM; Shaina Breanne Roye, Hobbs, NM; *Luis Martinez Ruiz, Jr., Hobbs, NM; Kristie Lee Santos, Hobbs, NM; Lara A. Scharf, Hobbs, NM; *Darla Jean Smith, Eunice, NM; *Maggie Ann Smith, Ontario, OR; *Sabrina Ann Smith, Eunice, NM; *Sandra Marie Stewart, Hobbs, NM; *Rachel DeAnn Stuckey, Hobbs, NM; *Jeffery Byron Thomason, Hobbs, NM; Jaime Torres, Hobbs, NM; Yudith Torres, Seminole, TX; Vanessa Erika Valenzuela, Hobbs, NM; *John Roger Villaneuva, Hobbs, NM; Rebecca Flores Villareal, Denver City, TX; Lorraine Marie Villegas, Hobbs, NM; Juan Jose Vizcarra, Lovington, NM; Carl Washington, Las Cruces, NM; Margie R. Wilcox, Hobbs, NM; and Kimberly Danielle Willis, Hobbs, NM.

Students receiving the Associate of Applied Science degree include the following:

Elroy Christopher Bell, Hobbs, NM; Christy Lynn Benson, Hobbs, NM; Koa Jane Rose Buckle, Denver City, TX; *Johnathan Kent Caffall, Artesia, NM; *Lauren Nicole Camacho, Lovington, NM; Kevin D. Collins, Hobbs, NM; Larry Allen Coons, Hobbs, NM; Angela C. Cooper, Hobbs, NM; Delilah Kay Crowley, Hobbs, NM; *Maria Fausta Cruz, Lovington, NM; Dustin L. Davis, Hobbs, NM; Loneva Jewell Davis, Hobbs, NM; Jorge DeAnda, Anthony, NM; Sandra Ann Durham, Denver City, TX; Skyla Kristine Ericksen, Hobbs, NM; *Anthony E. Gauna, Fort Sumner, NM; Anita Diane Grado, Seminole, TX; *Sara Grano, Hobbs, NM; Camille Noel Graves, Hobbs, NM; Sandra B. Guevara, Seminole, TX; *Jessica Marie Hargrove, Hobbs, NM; Shandy Lee Harrel, Denver City, TX; Marla Lynn Harrington, Hobbs, NM; Jeffrey T. Harris, Hobbs, NM; Terry Conrad Hastings, Hobbs, NM; Jennifer Kay Heidelberg, Lovington, NM; Douglas E. Helms, Rio Rancho, NM; Valerie Hernandez, Hobbs, NM; Sylvia Flores Hilliard, Hobbs, NM; *Justin T. Homer, Farmington, NM; Christy Jimenez, Lovington, NM; Tasha Ann Knapp, Hobbs, NM; Teresa Dawn Landrum, Hobbs, NM; Ricardo Marquez, Hobbs, NM; Damon Kyle Martin, Hobbs, NM; Kari Dawn Martin, Hobbs, NM; Vielka Martinez, Lovington, NM; Sara Kay Maxwell, Hobbs, NM; *Scott F. Maxwell II, Carlsbad, NM; *Erick Scott McHenry, Riverton, UT; *Jana Renee McNabb, Hobbs, NM; *George Patrick Mitchell, Hobbs, NM; Bobbi Dee Morrison, Hobbs, NM; Terry Denise Myers, Hobbs, NM; Christopher William Olivas, Lovington, NM; *Jacob P. Ort, Lovington, NM; Pasha Kristine Pando, Lovington, NM; *Kamren W. Pearce, Silver City, NM; Kristine Elizabeth Perez, Hobbs, NM; Jessica R. Quiroz, Hobbs, NM; Francisco Javier Ramirez, Odessa, TX; *Rick D. Ramsey, Odessa, TX; *Danny W. Rawlinson, Hobbs, NM; Suzanne Michelle Read, Lovington, NM; *David Gabriel Reyes, Denver City, TX; Luis G. Reyes, Dexter, NM; Shelleena Rachelle Roberts, Denver City, TX; *Guadalupe Diaz Rodriguez, Hobbs, NM; Zaqueo Rodriguez, Lovington, NM; Christy Marie Seay, Hobbs, NM; Penny Sellers, Denver City, TX; Heriberto Sierra, Roswell, NM; Adrienne Leiah Smith, Hobbs, NM; Margarita Sotelo, Hobbs, NM; Benny L. Thompson, Hobbs, NM; Ginger Lynn Tice, Lovington, NM; JoLinda Trujillo, Hobbs, NM; Jennifer Dawn Bizzell Warden, Hobbs, NM; Mandi Shea Wheeler, Hobbs, NM; Vicky A. Woods, Hobbs, NM; Augusta Viola Woody-Greenwood, Lovington, NM; Robert Yanez, Denver City, TX; and Miranda Lee Young, Hobbs, NM.

Students who received the Associate of Science degree are as follows:

Adolfo Avila Acosta, Andrews, TX; Amanda Nicole Allen, Hobbs, NM; *Yvette Raquel Alvarado, Lovington, NM; Daniel Paul Barringer, Hobbs, NM; Edward Henry Bolton, Hobbs, NM; *Lisa Rene’ Brooker, Artesia, NM; Bethany June Brown, Lovington, NM; Cristina T. Castillo, Hobbs, NM; Daisy Dawn Castillo, Lovington, NM; *Ashley Nicole Conder, Hobbs, NM; *Jacob R. Gonzales, Hobbs, NM; Camille Noel Graves, Hobbs, NM; Shara Denise Hukins, Hobbs, NM; Jamie Nicole Hunter, Hobbs, NM; Holly M. Jones, Hobbs, NM; *Stephen T. Klassen, Seminole, TX; Sara Morgan Lack, Hobbs, NM; *Denise Renae Lemery, Hobbs, NM; *Yu Liu, Hobbs, NM; Diana Lopez, Lubbock, TX; Jorge Luna, Lovington, NM; Kendra Kay Maxwell, Hobbs, NM; Aaron Ochoa, Lovington, NM; Chelsea Celeste Patterson, Hobbs, NM; Gabrielle D. Payne, Lovington, NM; *Kalie Nicole Peters, Seminole, TX; *Maggie Ann Smith, Ontario, OR; Whitnie Jae Stephenson, Lubbock, TX; *Ashley Nicole Stone, Hobbs, NM; *Jeffery Byron Thomason, Hobbs, NM; *John Roger Villaneuva, Hobbs, NM; and Asa Onrae’ Woods, Ft. Worth, TX.

Certification graduates include Aidee Alvarado, Hobbs. NM, Cosmetology; Benita Linda Baeza, Hobbs, NM, Cosmetology; Heather L. Bushnell, Hobbs, NM, Cosmetology; Armandina Chavez, Hobbs, NM, Early Childhood Education; Jamie Ray Cobos, Lovington, NM, Design Communications; Justin Marshall Davis, Lovington, NM; Design Communications; Russton E. Day, Tatum, NM, Cosmetology; Taylor Michelle Engle, Hobbs, NM, Cosmetology; Cammie Lane Fortner, Hobbs, NM, Cosmetology; Tammy Danelle Jividen, Denver City, TX; Barbering; Deonna Kay Landreth, Eunice, NM, Cosmetology; Daniel Jo Maldonado, Hobbs, NM, Automotive Technology; Melissa C. Maldonado, Hobbs, NM, Cosmetology; Hidali Ornelas, Hobbs, NM, Cosmetology; Moriha Aliana Orozco, Lovington, NM, Cosmetology; Crysta Ragland, Hobbs, NM, Cosmetology; Amanda Rodriguez, Hobbs, NM, Cosmetology; and Tabitha Rochell Wagner, Hobbs, NM, Cosmetology.

The 2005-2006 GED graduates are Maria Albarran, Lovington, NM; Stormie Burleson, Hobbs, NM; Amos Cox, Hobbs, NM; Jarrod Foster, Hobbs, NM; Brittany Frye, Hobbs, NM; Tiffany Gonzales, Hobbs, NM; Jeffrey Heinz, Hobbs, NM; Kory Ann Hooper, Hobbs, NM; Destiny Lynn, Hobbs, NM; Stacey Galvan Martinez, Hobbs, NM; Luis Montez, Stanton, TX; Jennifer Newton, Hobbs, NM; Maria Louisa Pina, Hobbs, NM; Valerie Maria Rojas, Hobbs, NM; Tiffney Stroope, Hobbs, NM; and Patricia Ann Wiggins, Hobbs, NM.

The Charge to the Class of 2006 was presented by Larry Hanna, Chairman of the NMJC Board, who congratulated students for the past dedication and faith they exhibited in earning their degrees. “But,” he stated, “my question to each of you is this: Do you have faith in yourself for the future?” Offering words of motivation and inspiration, Hanna concluded with the charge to “Believe in yourself, and have faith in yourself.”

Two Outstanding Professor of the Year Awards were presented by President Steve McCleery. Patricia Youngblood, professor of mathematics, received the Rotarian John Shepherd award, while Tamara James, professor of nursing, was awarded the Elliott & Waldron award. Both professors received plaques and checks for $1000 each for their outstanding contributions to education in support of students and their particular disciplines.

To order a DVD of the 2006 ceremony at a cost of $10 each, please contact the New Mexico Junior College Registrar’s Office at (575) 492-2545.

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