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Audit Registration Offered Through Feb. 2 at NMJC

1/30/2007 9:36:53 a.m. - Hobbs, NM. For students who want the benefit of a classroom experience without the hassle of tests or concerns over attendance, New Mexico Junior College has the solution: auditing, or taking classes for enjoyment, without the grade.

According to Robert Bensing, Registrar at NMJC, many students prefer the stress-free approach that auditing classes provides. "The main difference in a credit course and an audit course is that no grade, and therefore no credit, is given. For some students, it's a great way to have it all. They want to take courses on a particular subject, but they're put off by the thought of taking tests," said Bensing. "In an audit situation, students sign up and take the class like everyone else, but there's no pressure to take exams or even attend regularly. It's a given, however, that students get more from courses if they're fully committed."

Bensing explained that auditing a course allows students to work at their own convenience while getting everything they personally want from the course. The cost is the same as a credit course, and almost any course can be audited. "Best of all," Bensing said, "students can still enroll for the spring semester through Friday, February 2."

To register to audit a class, come by the Registrar's Office at 5317 Lovington Highway in Hobbs, call 575.392.4510, or visit

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