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NMJC Launches MySpace Site

NMJC Launches MySpace Site photo 1/12/2007 3:25:57 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. On its first day of the Spring 2007 semester, New Mexico Junior College launched a new way for the world to connect to -- or contact -- the school: an NMJC MySpace page.

Thanks to the efforts of NMJC Admission Specialists Chris Polson and Jennifer McClure, the college officially went live with the school's MySpace on January 8. The popular website provides users with the opportunity to chat and connect with "friends," or other users to whom they're linked.

"When we're on the road recruiting, we meet lots of really neat people, potential students, that we'd like to keep in touch with, and this is just one more way for them to contact us and vice versa," said Polson, who spearheaded the project. "Some people are curious about the college, and this way they can ask questions and check us out without the commitment of an application form. They can volunteer as little or as much information as they're comfortable with, but ultimately this gives them a chance to connect to the school."

Dr. Steve McCleery, president of NMJC, is pleased with the college's latest recruiting tool. "This is a really popular way that high school and college students communicate nowadays, and I believe this provides yet another way we can meet students' needs. For some, this is even easier than trying to navigate the website, and it's definitely a lot more personal. represents the latest step in the evolution of communication and connection, and if this is how students nowadays want to contact us, we need to be ready for them."

For more information about NMJC or the school's MySpace page, contact Chris Polson at 575.492.2579, Jennifer McClure at 575.492.2575, or visit

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