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Theatre Department to Perform The Lion in Winter

Theatre Department to Perform <em>The Lion in Winter</em> photo 2/14/2009 6:03:26 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. For its Spring 2009 theatre production, the Performing Arts Department of New Mexico Junior College will perform James Goldman's Academy Award-winning historical drama, The Lion in Winter, on February 26 - 28 at 8:00 p.m. each evening and on March 1 at 2:00 p.m. in Watson Hall Theatre.

Set in the heart of winter in 1183, The Lion in Winter is the spellbinding tale of an aging and conniving King Henry II of England, who has built the largest empire since the fall of Rome. Wanting to name his successor to the throne to ensure that the kingdom remains intact after his death, Henry summons his royal family, including his scheming wife, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, whom he has kept imprisoned in a tower for the past ten years; his young mistress, Princess Alais, whom he wants to marry; his three sons, Richard, Geoffrey, and John, who are each vying for his crown; and the crafty, young King Philip II of France, who is brother to Henry's mistress. With the fate of King Henry's vast empire at stake, everybody engages in their own brand of deception and treachery to stake their claim. This is a story of power, greed, jealousy, and intrigue on a grand scale; this is the story of Henry II, an immensely powerful but aging king, a "Lion in Winter."

Henry II is performed by Don Sayre, Princess Alais is performed by Jenna Arther, Queen Eleanor is performed by Karen Widman, and Henry's sons, John, Geoffrey, and Richard, are performed by William Holland, Richard Barr, and Jordie Nash, respectively. King Phillip II of France is performed by Jason Taylor.

The Lion in Winter is directed by John R. Rice, NMJC theatre director, and Briana Schneider, assistant director. Chelsea Widman serves as lighting /sound operator, and Nick Weeks serves as stage manager.

Tickets for The Lion in Winter are $8 for adults and $6 for students and senior citizens. For reservations or information, call 575.492.2846.

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