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Celebrate Local Heroes at NMJCs Pannell Library

Celebrate Local Heroes at NMJCs Pannell Library photo
Pete Mladinic, READ Poster Recipient

7/3/2008 9:44:47 a.m. - Hobbs, NM. The staff of New Mexico Junior College's Pannell Library is proud to announce the fifth annual "Celebrate Local Heroes at Pannell Library." This event will take place on the first floor of the Library on Friday, July 11, 2008, at 11 a.m. The public is invited to attend this year's exhibition.
The event showcases NMJC personnel who have been recognized for excellence in the past year. Annually, two staff members are chosen as support or maintenance staff of the year and two professors are chosen as faculty of the year. Of the faculty, one is named the "Rotarian John Shepard Faculty of the Year," while the other is named "Elliot & Waldron Title Faculty of the Year."

Each individual is honored with a poster bearing their photo and the words R-E-A-D. The American Library Association has produced such posters bearing the image of celebrities, athletes, musicians, and other prominent figures since 1985. They provide the software for individual libraries, such as Pannell, to create their own posters.

Once unveiled at the ceremony, the four large, framed posters will hang above the Library's circulation desk for the following year. Award winners will be presented with a smaller version of their poster and a complete set of the limited print bookmarks showing all four awardees.

"This is an exciting and novel way to both honor our staff and faculty award winners, as well as to get people into the library who might not otherwise visit us," said Sharon Jenkins, director of library services at Pannell Library.

This year's awardees are Sandy Hardin, support staff; Neil Sudduth, maintenance staff; Linda Connell, Rotarian John Shepherd Faculty of the Year; and Pete Mladinic, Elliot & Waldron Title Faculty of the Year.

Like Jenkins, Mladinic sees the value of encouraging reading in the community and is proud to be a part of the event. "A literate community is a healthy community, as literacy is the key to an individual's being a viable part of the community," said Mladinic.

"Each year, a new theme and color scheme are devised and we decorate the library accordingly. We have been preparing for some time and are pleased to hold this event, not only for the honorees, but also for the campus and the community," said Jenkins.

An attractive addition to the Library and a practical way to encourage reading, the Pannell Library's "Celebrate Local Heroes" continues an innovative tradition this summer. It is hoped that the community will join with library and campus employees in this fun celebration. As always, libraries are a "cool" place to beat the summer heat.

For more information, please call (575) 492-2870.

(To see photos from the ceremony, click on the link )

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