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Reunion of 1971 NMJC Track Champions

Reunion of 1971 NMJC Track Champions photo 6/13/2008 8:58:32 a.m. - Hobbs, NM. After 37 years, the New Mexico Junior College's 1971 National Track and Field Champions are reuniting in tribute to Coach Ross Black.

Under Black's guidance, this team was the first from NMJC to win a national championship. Amazingly, many of them, along with other classmates, have kept in touch over the years. Now they will be together again at NMJC, June 12-14, reminiscing, touring the campus and enjoying a dinner in honor of Coach Black.

The original team consisted of Pat Bales, Clarence Bates, Bruce Boling, Jim Butscher, Jim Campbell, Tom Cantrell, Louis Jackson, James Kurasch, Rick Loucks, Dennis Martin, Don Michelin, Phil Morgan, Frank Rakoczy, David Ratliff, Lary Ratliff, Wavie Reed, Mike Simpson, George Stevens, Brian Untch, Mike Vaughn and Brad Winter.

Starting Friday, NMJC will broadcast a presentation dedicated to the team over Channel 19 on USCable.

"What an amazing thing to have this team back together at NMJC, after all this time," said Steve McCleery, President of NMJC. "We are very excited about this!"

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