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NMJC Students Celebrate Culture

NMJC Students Celebrate Culture photo 11/14/2007 3:29:48 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. Every semester, over 30 NMJC students take the opportunity, or required course as some would call it, to learn about culture - and end up experiencing much more.

In NMJC Sociology Professor Joe Garcia's Cultural Diversity class, students are charged with the task of presenting a specific culture, whether it is their own culture or one the student would like to learn more about, to their fellow classmates. "I want the students to look beyond differences and open their minds as if each culture is their own."

The presentations convey a culture's history, lifestyles, traditions, food, religion, music, social aspects, and regional and demographic information. It is through these presentations that the learning experience really becomes the students' own.

According to NMJC basketball player Josh Smith, of Dallas, TX, "The presentation on the Mexican culture that was made today was so creative. It opened my eyes and personally made me aware of a culture that I wouldn't have known about or experienced otherwise."

According to Garcia, that is the idea. "At the beginning of every semester, I pair students with someone they don't know and have them sit down and learn about each other. For some pairs, life-long friendships have been formed that would have otherwise never developed."

Be forewarned: students taking the course as a mere requirement usually walk away with an experience that stays with them a lifetime.

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