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NMJCs Allied Health Building on Schedule

NMJCs Allied Health Building on Schedule photo 7/24/2018 2:44:19 p.m. - Hobbs, NM.  

[Story by Kelly Farrell, Hobbs News Sun]

The $10 million Allied Health Building project by New Mexico Junior College is on schedule and within budget, according to NMJC director of physical plant Charley Carroll. He provided an update on the building’s construction progress for college board members at Thursday’s board meeting. It’s set for a December completion date.

The $10 million Allied Health Building project by New Mexico Junior College is on pace for a December completion date.

Construction on the new 21,000 square foot building began in early January by Albuquerque’s HB Construction and it’s situated near the Western Heritage Museum and Lea County Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Ray Birmingham Thunderbird Baseball Field.

The building will house the college’s nursing program and feature state-of-the-art equipment.

At Thursday’s board meeting, NMJC’s director of physical plant Charley Carroll presented an update on its progress at the request of President Kelvin Sharp. The board also awarded a $244,253.12 bid for the building’s furniture at the meeting.

“The Allied Health building is over 50 percent complete and on schedule and within our budget,” Carroll said. “Total scheduled completion is from PAGE 1

December the 7th, 2018. On a daily basis, HB Construction has got over 40 full -time dedicated skilled laborers there. ... The roof is on. The walls are up. The plumbing inspection and electrical inspection are completed in area A. The four pipe system which connects that facility, that building with our central plant, is entrenched across the circle drive and brought up to the Ben Alexander Student Center. The covering of that ditch will take place by the first week in August, which will allow traffic to again circle the campus. Just before the semester begins.”

Carroll added they meet every other week with the engineering group and contractors to discuss any issues that have come up, trying to “put to bed” anything that seems to be a problem. He also extended HB Construction superintendent Chuck Lowery’s invitations for board members to come by and tour the facility.

“That facility is going to be absolutely beautiful,” Carroll said. “I think you’re going to be very proud of that facility. Our goal is to get our certificate of occupancy in there the first week in December and then begin the transition of inventory that we have and new furniture that’s coming and coordinate all that, so that we can begin that spring semester in January. So, all in all, it’s going very well.”

He said fire department personnel were out there recently and were “very pleased” with the layout. Carroll explained they invited them to bring a fire truck out there before the concrete curbing was poured and finalized to make sure it could get around in needed areas.

NMJC board chairwoman Pat Chappelle expressed her approval and said that’s “really what we like to hear, especially with construction.”

The Allied Health Building took the spotlight again later in the meeting when the board unanimously awarded a bid for furniture to Albuquerque’s Workspace Dynamics, which was the lowest and recommended bidder. The other furniture proposals came from Business Environments ($258,994.06), Contract Associates ($249,228.35) and Good-mans ($255,985.52).

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