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Free Tuition Offered for New Entertainment Technology Classes

Free Tuition Offered for New Entertainment Technology Classes photo 12/19/2017 7:38:34 p.m. - Hobbs, NM.  


New Mexico Junior College will begin a new degree program in Spring 2018 – Entertainment and Music Technology. To introduce this new degree, NMJC is offering free tuition and fees for the Spring 2018 classes.  

Students can choose from four difference courses: Multi-Track Audio Recording, Live Sound Production, Computers and Music, and Acoustics. Day and night classes are available for those students who may have an interest in gaining hands-on experience in this exciting career.  Additional classes will be offered in Fall 2018.

“We have some of the most state-of-the-art equipment available to give students real-life practice in audio recording and editing,” said Jerry Stoddard, professor of the program. “The recording studio and control room were designed, not just for its beauty and utility, but planned by acoustic engineers to be the perfect space for sound recording.”

Located in the Bob Moran Entertainment Center, the studio features an SSS Duality Recording Console, known world-wide as the industry standard for professional audio production, and used by artists from Nashville to Los Angeles. To complement the console, a selection of high-tech microphones, preamps, and equalizers allow students to replicate the sounds and effects heard on hit records from the 60’s to today.

A fully equipped computer lab gives every student the chance, both on their own and under an instructor’s supervision, to compose and edit any kind of music: hip-hop, techno, country, pop, rock—the sky’s the limit—with software and hardware that is a standard in the music industry. The live sound lab is fully equipped with the latest gear to teach the art and science of mixing live performances in churches, concert halls, and outdoor concerts.

“We encourage students who have an interest in music technology to try us out, especially with free tuition and fees being offered for spring courses,” said Stoddard. “These courses are also great for musicians who want to learn to record their own demos or albums.” 

Students completing the two-year program will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree. “This degree will provide students with comprehensive academic training and practical, real-world experience in live sound production, recording engineering, lighting production, video production, web design, basic entertainment business law, and multi-media production applications,” continued Stoddard.

For information on how to register for the free-tuition classes, students can call the Help Desk at
575-392-5018 or go to  Registration ends January 12, 2018. Classes begin January 16.

For more information on the program, or to schedule a tour of the studios, contact Jerry Stoddard,
575-492-2713 or


[Photo attached: Entrance into the Bob Moran Entertainment Technology building]

About Jerry Stoddard

Stoddard taught Audio Engineering at South Plains College for twenty-six years, including courses in the acoustics of sound and the use of computers to create music. His students work at diverse jobs across the country, including audio and video engineering, video game production, Hollywood film animation and voice-overs, and audio/video production for NASA and others; and include Grammy award winners. He plays guitar and keyboards. In his spare time, he writes books under the name of James Stoddard. His award-winning fantasy novel, The High House, published by Warner Books in America and Simon and Schuster in England, has been translated into four languages.

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