Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are payable as indicated in the NMJC calendar published in the NMJC Catalog and NMJC Schedule of Classes. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by the NMJC Board.

Tuition is charged according to a student’s residency status (tuition classification) and the number of hours enrolled. Some courses may require additional fees. Courses taken through distance learning require an additional fee.

Tuition Per Semester

NMJC in-district resident

  • Maximum cost for twelve (12) hours or more: $444.00
  • Cost per hour for one through eleven hours: $37.00

New Mexico out-of-district resident

  • Maximum cost for twelve (12) hours or more: $672.00
  • Cost per hour for one through eleven hours: $56.00

Out-of-state resident

  • Maximum cost for twelve (12) hours or more: $768.00
  • Cost per hour for one through eleven hours: $64.00

Special Fees

Additional class schedule copies$1.00
Dishonored check Charge$25.00
General Usage Fee$18.00 per credit hour
Housing and Meal PlansContact the Student Life Office
Internet Course$40.00
Interactive Television Course$40.00
Late Registration$25.00
Transcript Fee$5.00

Course, Lab, Testing, and Other Fees

Lab and course fees may be added to certain classes. In addition, testing fees may apply for certain programs.

Auditors and Senior Citizens

Students who audit courses (those who enroll in classes for no credit) pay the same tuition and fees as those students taking the classes for credit.

Tuition is waived for students who are 55 years of age and older and are Lea County Residents. However, the appropriate fees are charged at the prevailing rates.

Out-of-district seniors (65 & older) will be charged tuition of $5.00 per credit hour for the first six hours. All fees will apply and hours over six will be charged the regular rate. 

Out-of-state senior 55 & older will be charged the normal rates no discount. 

Payment Policy

All amounts owed to the College are payable within 48 hours to the NMJC Business Office or through the Nelnet online payment solution no later than the published or scheduled due dates.  The following payment policy applies to all amounts including tuition and fees, housing, meal plans, bookstore charges, checks returned for insufficient funds, and charges for student violations or damages to NMJC property. 

In the case of an “insufficient funds” check, the student must remit full payment of the check amount plus a $25 service charge. The failure of the student to make the payment shall result in possible prosecution as provided under the New Mexico Worthless Check Act.