Sexual Assault

New Mexico Junior College provides programs, which can be attended on a voluntary basis by students and staff at the beginning of each semester. Topics included in these programs are rape, acquaintance rape, and other forcible or non-forcible sex offenses. The meeting places and times will be posted on public bulletin boards in the student residence halls and through campus mailings.

New Mexico Junior College officials will not tolerate sexual assault activities of any type, either by staff or students and will take any and all steps to support the criminal prosecution of persons involved in these type of activities. However, should an incident of sexual assault occur on campus, these procedures should be followed:

Immediately notify Campus Security. The Director of Campus Security will then notify the proper law enforcement agency. If Campus Security cannot be reached for any reason, call 911 for immediate response by law enforcement officials. Do not disturb the scene of the crime. Evidence is very fragile, and will be collected by trained, evidence technicians. Do not change clothing, shower, or bathe following a sexual attack. Valuable evidence can be collected and its integrity must be maintained. The Director of Campus Security will notify the appropriate members of NMJC administration. The administration at NMJC wants to maintain a safe campus environment, and is concerned about the welfare of all members of the campus community.

Should a member become a victim of a sexual assault, every resource will be utilized to insure that the victim receives immediate attention, as well as follow-up counseling and assistance. In Hobbs, counseling can be received through the Guidance Center of Lea County, 920 West Broadway, 575.393.3168 and through Lea Regional Medical Center, 5418 Lovington Highway, 575.492.5488.

The administration of NMJC will make every reasonable effort to accommodate a change in academic or living arrangements, if requested by the victim. Both the accuser and accused are afforded the opportunity to due process, whether the incident is handled through the court system, or through the campus administrative process. Both parties are entitled to have other individuals present during a proceeding. The parties will be notified of the administration's final determination and imposed sanctions.

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