Security of Residence Halls

Surveillance cameras monitor campus residence hall entrances and stairwells. The external doors to the residence halls are locked and monitored by electronic alarm devices. The student dormitory rooms have conventional locks. Students are encouraged to keep their door locked and valuables secured.

New Mexico Junior College has visiting policies in place for guests of resident hall occupants. Visiting in the lounge areas of the residence is regulated to specific times. Dorm residence supervisors and student resident assistants, who are all campus housing staff, live in the residence halls. There are some occasions when housing supervision is not in the residence halls for limited periods of time. Residence hall supervisors and the Director of Student Housing are on call. Student desk assistants are assigned to the office of the main entrance of each resident hall during the evening hours. Student resident assistants also facilitate residence hall monitoring during the evening hours. Special security procedures are in effect for student housing during low occupancy periods.

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