Emergency Preparedness

New Mexico Junior College has an Emergency Management Plan for Critical Incidents. This Emergency Management Plan is intended to highlight potential areas of risk or vulnerability to campus personnel and facilities. The purpose of the plan is to enable all persons who might be present at NMJC during an emergency to remain calm and to aid them in taking action based on known facts. New Mexico Junior College has made the commitment to identify potential building and equipment areas to risks, to analyze those risks, to eliminate or minimize these risks, to actively plan and prepare to respond to emergencies by training response teams and to prepare restoration of vital services plans for emergency.

New Mexico Junior College has identified several specific emergencies, which could pose a threat to persons, who may be on campus. Some of these areas identified are as follows:

Bomb Threats Inclement Weather
Civil Unrest Irrational but not Violent Behavior
Death on Campus Medical or Personal Injury
Earthquake Person Passing Out or Unconscious Person
Explosion Physical/Sexual Assault
Fire Prison Escape from Lea County Correctional Facility
Firearms on Campus Rape
Floods and Flash Floods Robbery
Hazardous Spills and Releases Tornado
Heart Attack Violent Behavior
Incapacitating Injury or Other Life-Threatening Injury  

A copy of the emergency management Plan for Critical Incidents may be obtained by contacting the Director of Security.

New Mexico Junior College also has lightning detectors on its campus. When they are activated a siren will sound and a light will flash. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged not to be outside any campus building when the siren or lights on the detectors are activated.

For additional information contact:

New Mexico Junior College
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