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Course Descriptions - LE

Law Enforcement Academy Course Descriptions

Law Enforcement Academy (LA)
NOTE: The following courses are taught through the Southeastern New Mexico Law Enforcement Training Academy. These courses will substitute for the criminal justice courses (CJ) as indicated when applying for the certificate in Law Enforcement, the Associate of Arts, or Associates of Applied Science degrees. However, the criminal justice courses (CJ) will not substitute for the law enforcement courses (LA), since the LA courses have additional components not in the CJ courses to meet the requirements for licensure by the state of New Mexico as a peace officer.

LA 111 First Aid and CPR for Public Safety
This course provides instruction and certification in basic First Aid / CPR knowledge, skills, and procedures designed to render care for the sick or injured. This instruction is specific to first responders while in a law enforcement and / or corrections capacity. This is a one credit hour course.

LA 112 Physical Training and Wellness for Law Enforcement Officers
This course is designed to enhance the basic police officer's level of fitness, as well as to develop an understanding of wellness as it relates to police work and to develop an appreciation for a conditioned state of well-being. This class will include demonstration, discussion, and participation. This class will incorporate periodic fitness assessments, strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training. Additionally, concepts in nutrition and safety will be covered. The student will be required to perform satisfactorily on the final fitness tests and obstacle/agility courses for state certification as a law enforcement officer. This is a two credit hour course.
Co-requisite: Enrollment in the Law Enforcement Academy

LA 113 Introduction to Criminal Justice (same as CJ 113)
This course will cover the development and philosophy of criminal justice in a democratic society and an introduction to agencies involved in the administration of criminal justice. Discussion will include the goals of the police, history of the criminal justice system, how the system functions within the context of government to protect individual rights as well as Constitutionally imposed restrictions on the system. This is a three credit hour course.

LA 113B Substantive Criminal Law (same as CJ 113B)
This course will explain the history of criminal law, the principles of criminal procedure, and the essential components of constitutional, statutory, and common law. This is a three credit hour course.

LA 113E Introduction to the Courts (same as CJ 113E)
This course will explain the history of the courts, as well as the organization, structure, and jurisdiction of the judicial system. This is a three credit hour course.

LA 113P Police in Society (same as CJ 113P)
This course is an introduction in the study of law enforcement and policing in America. It will explore diversity and critically evaluate the direction and trends in modern police agencies. The student will become familiar with the names, phrases, and concepts that are routinely used by those involved in the study of crime and the workings of the criminal justice system. This is a 3 credit hour course.

LA 114 Custody Control, Chemical Agents and Officer Safety
This course will cover procedures (principles, concepts, medical implication and practical application) for custody and control and use of chemical agents in a law enforcement environment. Also covered will be academic and practical application regarding officer safety including day and night traffic stops, arrest situations, and handcuffing. This is a four credit hour course.

LA 121 Case Preparation and Presentation
This course provides basic knowledge in the nature of technical writing as it applies to police reports and documentation. The course will also provide the student with clear and concise techniques and procedures to effectively prepare for and testify in civil and / or criminal court proceedings. This is a one credit hour course.

LA 123F Traffic Law & Accident Investigation (same as CJ 123F)
This course will review theories and basic techniques of accident investigation: what the vehicle shows, examination of the roadway, recording and preservation of skid mark evidence, speed estimates, reconstruction of the accident scene, diagram and map making, photographing the accident scene, background investigation, court testimony and study of the New Mexico vehicle code. This is a three credit hour course.

LA 123P Law Enforcement Patrol Procedures (same as CJ 123P)
This is a course involving basic patrol concepts including high risk and unknown risk patrol tactics, handling special needs individuals, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, public disturbances, intoxication, vehicle/foot patrol and observation. Also, topics covered include basic techniques for arrest/custody, supervision, and transportation of prisoners, handling crimes in progress, preliminary investigations, conduct at crime scenes, and officer survival. This is a three credit hour course.

LA 213A Criminal Investigation (same as CJ 213A)
This course focuses on the fundamentals of criminal investigation. It includes conduct at crime scenes, collection and preservation of evidence, interviews and interrogations, crime scene photography and sketching, and report writing. This is a three credit hour course.

LA 213B Criminal Procedure (same as CJ 213B)
This course will concentrate on substantive criminal law, general rules, principles, and doctrines of criminal liability in the United States; and classifications of crimes against persons, property, and the public welfare. This is a three credit hour course.