2003-2004 Golf

Young Team Doing Great

Golf Team Group photo

Eleven freshmen and two sophomores make up the NMJC golfing team. “The team has a fantastic work ethic instilled in their minds,” says Golfing Coach, James Black.

Right now, the golf team is ranked eighth in the nation, but most of the teams that are ranked higher than NMJC, have been beaten by NMJC. The eighth ranking is possible, because NMJC, “didn’t start the season well,” said Black.

One extremely bright spot in the golf team’s lineup is freshman Ashley Siddle from England. He’s ranked as one of the top players in the U.S. He has made the All-Tournament Team four out of six times. “He won one of the tournaments very handily, and made second place in the last tournament. Ashley is a great player,” says Black.

Many of the freshmen have stepped up and surprised Black by playing outstanding games. Black says that the one thing that has really stood out in his mind is some of their low scores. “This team has shot some of the lowest scores (which is good in golf) since he’s been coaching,” said Black excitedly. One freshman even broke the course record at Lovington this year with a 63.

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Region V Tournament Video:
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